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Welcome to our FREE Adult Dating SSL Banner Exchange for any site and Adult Dating related websites. This is the FREE, easy way to show Your Banner Ad on other dating sites that participate in the adaltexchange.fuckbook network.

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3 Simple Exchange Categories

Standard, Adult, Gambling

easy and simple to select your category

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You'll get lots of extra visitors for Your Web site without it costing you anything
Using our FREE ssl banner exchange is easy. Once you have joined and added your
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Then banners of other members are displayed by this code on your site and theres same time your banners are showed on other dating and matchmaking websites around the world for free in exchange for advertising space on your site.


Web traffic to your website will increase and generate more sales for you.
The amount of free advertising you receive from the our free ssl banner Network is directly proportional to the amount you give to others.
Every time a page with the banner code is displayed on your site you earn a credit for your banner to display within the free ssl banner exchange Network, and you will gain extra credits every time one of our banners is clicked on your site.

Place our code in a prominent position on your pages to maximize the display to click ratio and gain more impressions of your banner.

Placement on your Main page is advised.


SSL Banner Exchange

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Free SSL Banner Exchange Features

  • Supported Banner Formats : jpg, gif, png, swf.
  • 100% FREE SSL banner exchange service
  • 5,000 FREE Impressions
  • 5,000 FREE Impressions if you refer a new member
  • Receive 5% of the impressions sent by users you refer
  • 50 FREE Impressions for every banner click from your pages
  • Alt tag for banners
  • Detailed statistics for each day and month
  • Ads can be targeted by country, time zones, days in week
  • 5 Time Zones. You can select to display your ad in one or more time zones.
  • You can stop or show your banners to save impressions for a more intensive campaign.
  • You can select countries to show your banners to save impressions for a more intensive campaign.
  • Anti cheat system to save your banner impressions.
  • Password recovery tool
  • Sites with Adult content are welcome to join just as long as they are legal and don't break the rules
  • Nudity on your pages is allowed, we are all adults here ;-)

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