SSL Banner Exchange


  • What is a Banner Exchange
    A banner exchange is a group of web sites that exchange advertising with each other. Each web site has an banner advertisement that displays other web sites' banners. By displaying ads on their web site, banner exchange members generate free Advertising and site-linking for their own banners. At the bottom of this page you will see an example of a rotating 468x60 pixel banner.

    We are the 'middle man' in the process, delivering and rotating banners on your web site with each request. When a banner is clicked on, we process the click-thru, and direct the individual to the respective member web site. In return for our services, we capture 1 out of every two banners displayed on our network, and use the ad space for sponsor advertising. Using a banner exchange is a great way to gain exposure for your web site. Your advertising is spread across an array of web sites, maximizing visibility. Our banner exchange will always be a free service.

  • 100% FREE banner exchange service
  • 5,000 FREE Impressions
  • 5,000 FREE Impressions if you refer a new member
  • Receive 5% of the impressions sent by users you refer
  • 50 FREE Impressions for every banner click on your pages
  • Sites with Adult content are welcome to join just as long as they are legal and don't break the rules
  • Nudity on your pages is allowed, we are all adults here ;-)
  • Alt tag for banners
  • Banners are stored on our servers (to help you preserve your server bandwidth)
  • Detailed statistics for each day and month
  • Ads can be targeted by time zones, days in week
  • 5 Time Zones. Users can select to display their ad in one or more time zones.
  • Users can stop to show their banners to save impressions for a more intensive campaign.
  • Password recovery tool

  • What types of websites can participate?
    We do not accept websites containing the following: illegal content, pornographic, vulgar language, extreme violence, sites promoting hate and racism, or for any other reasons as we see fit.

  • I'm already a member of another banner exchange can i still join the Fuckbook Banner Exchange?
    Absolutely, you can be a member of more than one banner exchange.

  • Do you have an Anti-Cheat protection?
    Yes any member who has a click through rate less than 0.0005% will be suspended. We record every IP address from every banner impression and click. Any repetitive refreshing more than 60 seconds will also result in the member’s account being suspended.

  • What is a banner impression?
    A banner impression is made when a banner ad is displayed. Banner impressions are normally measured in thousand.

  • What is CTR?
    Click Through Ratio is the ratio of clicks per thousand banner impressions.

  • How do i start earning credits?
    Login to your member section.
    Then you need to add our HTML code from "Earn Credits" into your web site as soon as possible.

  • Getting Started
    Select the add size you would like to use


    Then get your exchange code


    Place your exchange code on your website
    Place your exchange code on your most trafficed pages for maximum benefit

    Upload your banner
    click the create new add


    Thats it your done
    the more people that see the adds on your site
    the more people on other sites will see your add
Place our Banner Code on your most trafficed pages for maximum benefit to yourself