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Terms & Conditions

Our Rules
  • Site which use Popups and Popunders are NOT allowed
  • Sites which censor seems to be inappropriate for membership will be removed
  • Sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites providing instructions or discussions about performing illegal activities, sites engaged in libelous or harassing activities are NOT allowed
  • Sites with illegal content such as child porn, bestiality, extreme hate crimes, rape, drugs, etc are NOT allowed
  • Members agree to include the full unmodified HTML code.
  • Members are permitted to put our banner exchange code only in web pages.
  • Banners must be placed on a page such that the majority of people visiting that page will see and notice the banner.
  • Members are allowed to use up to 2 banners per page and in as many or few pages as they wish.
  • Send 50 impressions of our banner code to receive your Free 10,000 impressions ( this it to try and eliminate cheating )
  • A member may not include the banner on any pages that automatically or dynamically reload or go to another page without interaction from the user (i.e., client pull or server push).
  • All members agree to utilize the services of at their own risk., its administrators, partners and sponsors cannot be held liable for any damage or loss of information that may occur from the use of the services.
  • also reserves the right to modify, or change these Terms and Conditions.
  • We remind you that administration of network may refuse acception without explanation.